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MR. SCOOTS and his ass problem [Feb. 8th, 2009|03:22 pm]
[Current Location |At home on a rainy day]
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |Queen Adreena]

Mr. Scoots has recovered excellently from his emergency ass surgery, for an abcessed anal gland.  TMI?  Sorry, but if WE had to hear all about his anal gland, and SEE it during this trying time, and TEND TO IT, then you have to at least share a small portion of the horror.  Anyway, they also pulled two of his hillbilly teeth while he was sedated.  He spent 10 days on pain meds and antibiotics, but now that damn Elizabethan collar is off, his sutures are out, and he's once again happy & naked as Baby Jesus intended.

If you wanna see a few more pics of his poor little self, go HERE.
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TALKING GUITAR BABY [Feb. 5th, 2009|07:35 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Maple Bee]

     Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with a friend who has a toddler, and in the dream I also had a child, only it was a talking guitar that I was holding like a baby.  It had just learned to talk, and was prattling about its boogers, and I had to teach it that it's not polite to talk about boogers in mixed company.
     The night before last I apparently had a nightmare about tortillas, but I don't remember why they were so scary.  Anthony says I woke him up and told him I'd had a scary dream about tortillas.  I do eat a lot of them, so maybe it's time to cut back...?
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I'M SO EXCITED! [Feb. 4th, 2009|06:39 pm]
Yay, I got my advance copy of the "Wonderland" hardback from Disney Press and it looks so amazingly awesome!  It won't be in stores until March, though.  But it turned out great, thanks to all the people who worked on it.  :)

Not only that, but I also got my copies of "Skelebunnies: the Complete Collection," the first Skelebunnies graphic novel!!!  Did somebody say Pulitzer...?  And that book IS in stores today.
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THANKS FOR SUPPORT, & SIGNING TONIGHT [Oct. 25th, 2008|11:43 am]
Thanks for all the very kind comments about my previous post.  :)  It always helps to know there are so many GOOD people out there.  You know what sucks?  At work, our school district has this firewall that blocks any bloggy type thing, such as LiveJournal, and MySpace, and Facebook.  Which is why I hardly ever write on here anymore.  I mean, I'm not saying I whiled away countless hours when I should have been working, but...  you know how it is.  Anyway, dammit.
     So tonight is that signing at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, and they're even doing a costume contest with prizes!  I will not be wearing a costume because I am shy.  I didn't know last time I posted about it that Sarah Wilkinson will also be there.  She is the artist for a Star Wars series of Topps cards.
     I couldn't remember if I already took my Zoloft this morning, so I took another one.  I may be VERY relaxed at this thing tonight.
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PROP 8 BASTARDS [Oct. 20th, 2008|04:18 pm]
     For any of you who aren't from CA, and don't know what it is, Prop 8 is on our ballot for the November election, to take civil marriage rights away from gay couples.  
     My mom & stepdad picked up two "Vote NO on Prop 8: Equality For All" yard signs, one for their yard, and one for ours.  We put ours up yesterday afternoon, and by this morning when I left the house for work at 6 am, someone had ripped one side of it out of the ground, bent the metal rods, and ripped the sign.  I guess that's one of our neighbors sending us a friendly little message.
     There are "Yes on Prop 8" signs all over the place, in cheery yellow with pictures of kids and the tagline "Restore marriage," like we're somehow CORRUPTING the institution of marriage, as if straight people need any help corrupting things that should be sacred, such as HUMAN RIGHTS.  Certain churches, like the Mormon Church, are donating huge obscene amounts of money to the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, and they must be giving those signs to anyone who will take it.  In fact, there's so many of those fucking signs I think these church groups who are so intent on taking our rights away must be literally SHITTING these signs out of their asses, just driving down the street and aiming for every bush, and every front lawn.
     I know there are good people out there who value equality and human rights, and are also religious and attend church.  Maybe now would be a good time for them to speak up. 
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     So the Halloween signing at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower is now Saturday October 25th, 4-7.  The good folks at Metropolis assure me this is the final change, so you may carve it into your arm now.  
     But wait, it's even better now!  Not only will Steve Niles be there, but so will Gilgrim, creator of the awesome SLG comic "The Cemeterians!"  Oh my god, do you even believe it?!  That's THREE for the price of ONE!
     Saturday Anthony and I got married and everything was so beautiful and perfect, except for when I knocked a whole cup of scalding hot coffee into my own lap.  It wasn't fun for me, but everyone WATCHING totally loved it. 
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The new date for the Halloween-themed Metropolis comics signing (Bellflower) is October 18th, 4-7pm.  
     Make a note of it, dammit.

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     I'll be signing at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower on Saturday, October 11th, from 5 - 7pm.
     They're super nice people, and I've signed there several times before.  It should be fun, and Steve Niles will also be there. 
     I had to look him up, but when I saw he was the guy who wrote 30 Days of Night I felt totally lame, because that's one of my favorite movies of recent years.  Maybe I should pick up a comic book once in a while.
     Apparently it's a "Halloween-themed" signing, so I'm wondering if I should wear something Halloweenie. 
     In other news, Anthony and I are GETTING MARRIED!!! on October 4th, so this October will be a really awesome month.  I'm still happily stunned that after 18 years together, it's FINALLY legal, and we get to do the whole "I do," and wedding cake, and family lined up for pictures thing.  But the very BEST part is that Anthony will be my HUSBAND at last, and I won't have to awkwardly search for a word that fits how important he is in my life, because "boyfriend," and "partner" certainly don't cut it.
     And if I'm filling out some stupid-ass form that only has spaces for "single," or "married," I can proudly check MARRIED.  :)
     And if I get eaten by a shark, I won't have to worry about Anthony not getting my comic book fortune, and custody of our 13 children.
     And if a rhino slips and falls onto my head, rendering me nothing but a vegetable connected to machines, Anthony will have the legal authority to say, "Go ahead, pull the plug.  I ain't changin' any more diapers."
     In completely unrelated news, I watched "Demolition Man," and I think it's the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.  Anthony said, "If it's so terrible, why are you still watching it?" and I muttered, "I... I dunno..."     
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MINOR DELAY [Aug. 11th, 2008|08:09 pm]
     SLG is pushing the schedule back a little, meaning that the SKELEBUNNIES graphic novel will be released in February, and the STITCH re-release in March.  This is just a month later than originally planned, so it's all good in the 'hood.  I was finishing the very last page of Skelebunnies today, and now I suddenly have an extra month.  Will I use it wisely?  Probably not.
     As far as the WONDERLAND hardback slip-cased collector's edition from Disney Press, as far as I know it's still slated for January.
     In other news I had some cool stuff in my po box the other day.  Bentley Little sent me his newest horror novel, "The Academy," which is perfect because I now work at a "college prep academy," and I will enjoy reading about one overtaken by Satanic forces.  Bentley is marvelously twisted.
     I also received a request from a nice lady in Germany to do a sketch for her.  She is "nurse for children."
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WHOOPS [Aug. 2nd, 2008|08:35 am]
After a month of summer vacation I started back to work yesterday.  I accidentally got black spray paint all over the staff bathroom.  It's their fault, really, for putting a bathroom right where I was trying to use spray paint.
     We're going to the Getty Museum today with a bunch of family.  I'm totally looking forward to it, since we love the Getty, and I'm a fan of family outings.  I keep thinking there are bunnies there, but now I don't know if that's true, or something I just made up in my head.
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